The Plim Plim animated series reaches historic record in global audience

The Plim Plim animated series reaches historic record in global audience

The successful animated series reaches new territories around the world and expands its presence in Latin America.

Kids Universe announced today that the children’s animated series, Plim Plim has reached 34.700 million views in its history, with more than 800 million monthly views in their YouTube channel, available in six languages worldwide. This achievement represents the largest number of views in the channel’s history, led by the impressive 29% organic growth of the spanish channel in this past year. Recently, the series amplified its presence in networks of free-to-air tv in 10 countries in Latin America, including TV Cultura in Brazil and TV Azteca in Mexico.

Also, Plim Plim, who offers educational and entertaining content while encouraging positive habits with preschoolers, has its own cable television channel in spanish, “El canal del Payaso Plim Plim” (Plim Plim the clown’s channel), which transmits to nine Latin American countries 24 hours a day.

As stated by Guillermo Pino, creator of the animated character Plim Plim, “We feel very proud of Plim Plim’s success up to date, thanks to the work of our great team. We look forward to embarking on the next stages of this exciting journey, continuing our mission of reaching new audiences, not only in Latin America, but all around the world. Values and positive habits are the common thread that drives each adventure and learning experience in our educational children’s content.

Plim Plim has achieved great accomplishments in the last 12 months, has been amongst the first and has led important industry rankings. For example, according to the “Made for Kids” ranking by Social Blade, Plim Plim is the Nº 1 preescolar channel in Spanish and the Nº 7 animated preschool channel in all languages. Based on data by VideoAmigo, Plim Plim has stood out as de Nº 1 most viewed preschool animated channel in spanish. According to Parrot Analytics, in December of 2023, Plim Plim was the most in demand animated preschool program in Latin America, having a 25% annual growth.

In addition to the YouTube channels in spanish, english, portuguese and russian, Plim Plim has launched new YouTube channels in italian and indonesian.

Last year, Plim Plim’s live shows toured around 55 cities, from eight different Latin American countries and attracted more than 85.000 spectators. On top of that, the popularity of its music experienced a noticeable rise last year, registering a monthly increase of 63% of listeners on Spotify. This growth is managed by ADA, the independent distribution and services division of Warner Music Group for artists and record labels. One of Plim Plim’s songs, “A Ram Sam Sam”, has become a viral hit on TikTok, reaching 2.200 million views and inspiring the creation of 2,6 million videos/social media items.

Regarding mass consumption products, in 2023 Plim Plim has associated with the prestigious Editorial Penguin Random House and five children’s books have already been launched, surpassing 20.000 copies, sold in six Latin American countries.

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