Plim Plim, first Latin childhood franchise to participate in the APAP get together in New York.

Plim Plim, first Latin childhood franchise to participate in the APAP get together in New York.

In January, Plim Plim’s team participated in the annual Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP/Nueva York) get together, whose objective is to develop and support the live entertainment industry.

Together with its associates PROLAT, SHOWTIME and THE ROOTS AGENCY, Guillermo Pino, creator of the animated series “Plim Plim, a hero from the heart”, was in charge of presenting the franchise, its performance in various platforms for the Latin market and de details of the live shows characteristics.

Some producers and representatives present at this event, were highly interested in making the first tour in the USA happen, in the second semester of 2024.

Like on every Plim Plim tour, the agenda includes educational and social actions, such as visits to pedagogical institutions that make up the Puerto Rican Family Institute and a fun interaction event with fans in one of New York’s most prominent neighborhoods.

“It was very exciting for us to be at the Bronx headquarters of the Puerto Rican Family Institute to bring Plim Plim’s values and positive habits and to see the great reception it had: all the children wanted to come and greet him. It was a unique and wonderful moment. We also received a very warm welcome from the educational authorities of the program, with whom we currently work with to extend and deepen cooperation” commented Guillermo Pino.

“Plim Plim, a hero from the heart” is a license created by Guillermo Pino in 2011. It’s present on all social media platforms and reaches millions of homes all around the world, on a daily basis. Its YouTube channels have more than 28 million subscribers and their daily views reach more than 34 million with peaks of 40 million. On Spotify they have more than 1 million monthly listeners, on TikTok 2 million followers, Facebook has 2 million followers and Instagram already surpasses 279.000.

Recently, “El canal del Payaso Plim Plim” (Plim Plim the clown’s channel) has premiered, a paid TV service with 24 hour exclusive streaming of the brands content and distributed by Frida Media. The series has aired in the most prestigious channels in Perú, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, México, Panamá and Brazil. Additionally, its successful live shows have filled venues in Argentina, México, Panamá,Dominican Republic, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia.


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